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whoeasy cancel subscription

First, you need to gather some information about Whoeasy and what its uses are. This very company is situated in the Western part of the United States of America. Founded in the year 2014, it is currently run by Jeff Smith. Over the past years, because of its immense hard work and top-notch accuracy in delivering the credible information of the sudden unknown number that calls you. Whoeasy has built for sure a certain level of trust and reputation among its consumers and the market. There are over millions of users of whoeasy in the whole world who benefit from it, but the point to be noted here is that whoeasy will never give out extensive information about any number. You will get all the basic information that you need to know. So, to sum it up, WhoEasy is a phone directory that is available online which will enable you to identify any number or the business that is associated with that number.


Whenever we receive calls from an unknown number or if we get calls from a different number for a repeated number, we get worried that who is that?  And we want to just grab all the information about it, so here is when Whoeasy comes into play. To avoid any kind of scams or disturbance, we should use Whoeasy. You will get to know about the personal details, the company name, and the mode of calling as well, with the help of Whoeasy. 


Whoeasy login is very easy and it does not take too much time. You just have to follow the following written steps in order to log into your whoeasy account. 

  • You first need a browser on your device either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Search for over there. 
  • Then the page will open up; over there you have to find the Login icon which will be present at the right-hand side corner of the page. 
  • Then the whoeasy login page will appear. Here you have to give your whoeasy login details such as your ID and password and you need to click the box which will check if you’re a robot or not. 
  • If you have provided the correct details, then you will be able to log in without any obstacles. 
  • If it has been shown that the details you entered are incorrect, then you have to recheck and re-enter them. 


  • When you search in the starting, it will not charge you any fee and it will be very simple to search. You just have to insert the phone number in the given search box and then whoeasy will provide you with the basic information associated with that phone number. 
  • You will be provided with the name, email address, and the address of the user. 
  • You will get a free seven days subscription which will be the trial period, and after the seven days are over, you will have to pay for the subscription 
  • The subscription fees for a month vary depending upon your preferred type of subscription. 

If there are any other queries regarding the Whoeasy membership, then you can connect to the executives of Whoeasy customer service and they will guide you with whatever problem you are racing or you have any questions regarding the subscription. The phone number is toll-free and you can contact it at any given point in time. 


How to cancel the Whoeasy service? 

It may take a lot of time to cancel a membership as first you have to find your login details and then you have to wait till your request will be seen and there are many things in between. So below given are the easy steps to cancel your Whoeasy membership using DoNotPay:

  • Go to your web browser and open DoNotPay over there. 
  • Snap the find hidden money icon. 
  • Now you have to select the service that you want to cancel, and click whoeasy. 
  • Next you will receive a notification from the end of DoNotPay that your Whoeasy subscription has now been cancelled. 

DoNotPay is Awarded the Brown Award given by the American Bar Association, it will fight for your rights if any company has done something illegal to you or has harmed your rights. 

You can cancel any subscription of yours through DoNotPay. It is not necessary that if you bought a subscription for one month, then you will need it another month also. You may not be using the application but still, you are paying for it and all your money is going in vain. So, in this case, you can go to the DoNotPay app and then it will help you to get done with the whoeasy cancel subscription

Whoeasy cancel subscription process

At whoeasy, you get seven days of free trial without any charge, but if you do not opt for whoeasy cancel subscription on the seventh day of the free trial, then you will be charged the monthly subscription fee. And the subscription will automatically be renewed by Whoeasy until you cancel your subscription. You can mail them or call them to cancel your membership and then they will send you an email regarding the Whoeasy cancel subscription. 

In total there are three ways by which you can perform the whoeasy cancel subscription but before hopping on to the steps, you need to keep the following things ready by your side in order to get the process done in a go: your full name, the last date when you paid for the subscription and the amount paid, the four last digits of your card, cancellation reason which should be valid, your country, postal code or ZIP CODE, state or city that you live in, your billing address, your username and password along with your phone number and email Id. 

Now let’s go to the Whoeasy cancel subscription process:

Via email:

  • First open your mailbox and create a mail and type the message that you want to send whoeasy. In case you don’t have any mail ID, then you will need to create one which is very simple and there are many email companies out there. 
  • First, go to the subject line, and type “MUST READ “Please Terminate My Account” in the subject line. 
  • After that, you have to write the main message about why you want to cancel your Whoeasy subscription and please write your message in straight words and a very clear language Providing them the reasons for your subscription to terminate. 
  • At last, ask the executive for acknowledging your request and the acknowledgment can be through call or email itself. 
  • Save your email sent for records for future references. 

Via whoeasy login:

  • For whoeasy cancel subscription through login, first you need to go to
  • Now as we have told you before, you have to enter your whoeasy login credentials such as your login ID and password on that page. 
  • After this, find the icon of my account on that page, you need to click it. 
  • Now after going to that page, there will be a list on the left-hand side, where all your purchased subscriptions will be given. 
  • You have to select the whoeasy subscription. 
  • Now snap on the change plan icon and after that, you just simply have to follow the steps given over there to get the cancellation process done. 

Voila, you are done with whoeasy cancel subscription.

Via whoeasy phone number:

You can call the whoeasy agent and he will help you with the whoeasy cancel subscription process. 

  • From your phone, call the whoeasy phone number and it may take some time to answer your call. As there might be a line of customers that are trying to contact the whoeasy customer service so you have to keep your calm. 
  • you will be connected to a live person from the team of Whoeasy, then tell him why you would like to cancel your membership of Whoeasy along with a valid reason for doing so. 
  • The representative of Whoeasy may ask you out for the details of your subscription and your email address and the pin code, you need to provide that to him. 
  • After all this whoeasy cancel subscription process is done, ask the agent to give you a receipt or acknowledgment of your request for the records. 
  • You have to keep this application with you for future usage. 

The executives or the team of whoeasy customer care service is very helpful and they help you with any kind of issue you face. The users of whoeasy do not have any complaints with the whoeasy executives so far. And that is the reason why the whoeasy reviews are so impressive. But the only thing is that the whoeasy phone number only works from 9 AM to 5 PM daily. However, the contact number is toll-free so you do not need to worry even if your call has been held for a long time.


Facing issues with For whoeasy, their first priority is the customer. If you are facing any difficulties with the working of , then pick up your phone and connect to the authority by directly contacting the official whoeasy phone number and get the best assistance. 

In case you wish to connect with the customer service of Whoeasy, then you can simply dial the customer service number of Whoeasy which is completely toll-free and the team will be available for you from 9 AM to 5 PM Est. 


Below given are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the whoeasy account and whoeasy cancel subscription:

What information does whoeasy give about the phone number? 

Whoeasy respects everyone’s privacy and it knows the limits and that is the reason why, whoeasy never gives out any information more than the basic information if the phone number is the full name, the address, and the e-mail of the person owning that particular phone number. This is why you cannot be harmed by the whoeasy team. 

Is whoeasy safe to use? 

Whoeasy is hundred percent safe to use, in case you have any trust issues or if you are doubting the privacy terms of whoeasy, then you can go to the page of reviews which you can find on any social media platform and then you will be sure to shout using it. 

What if I don’t want the whoeasy subscription? 

You may obviously feel at some point of time that you do not need the subscription now and you might want to cancel it and you can surely do so just by following the steps that we have given earlier in this article. 

Can I retake the subscription after terminating it once? 

Of course you can get the subscription once again no matter if you have Cancelled the subscription earlier, the company will welcome you with open arms. 

Can I call the whoeasy customer service anytime? 

No, the customer service number only works from 9 AM to 5 PM. But the team is very capable, so they will solve your issues in a very short span of time. 

How are the whoeasy reviews?

The Whoeasy reviews are very satisfactory. All the users are happy with the whoeasy application. There is a good number of positive feedback from the customers.


Whoeasy has got an excellent rating. You can surely give it a try for free and then see for yourself.


Hope this Whoeasy article made your understanding clear and correct with respect to Whoeasy functioning in an easy way.

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