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how to play baccarat

Baccarat casino is such an amazing game that is full of surprise and suspense! The fun fact about baccarat is that any adult who is keen on trying a hand at Baccarat can learn it and know how to follow up throughout the game. This game has three simple and probable outcomes which are: 

  • Player win 
  • Banker win 
  • Tie

But do not get confused thinking that the banker’s hand is the house, it is not. In actuality, the players have to bet on either of the wins, the player or the banker. Before going into more deep information about baccarat, let us understand how to play baccarat

SECTION1: THE RULES For Baccarat Casino

No game can be designed with rules. Rules and terms of the game are the crucial facets that make a game, the game it is supposed to be. So, here we go:

1. You have to bet on anyone’s hand before the whole game commences. Now as soon as you have bet on either of the hands, the two cards will be handled by both hands. These hands are very well known as 

  • Player’s hand. 
  • Banker’s hand. 

2. The main aim of this game is to already say, which hand will have a total closest to nine. This whole procedure of playing is done by just predicting which hand will win. 

3. Now heading onto the numbers and values, the tens and face cards are equivalent to zero’s value. And an ace has a value equal to one, but others have their value according to the face cards.

4. The rules of the house at any given place will be the deciding one that if the bank hands should draw up the third card or the player hand. One thing you need to remember is that for any type of hand the limit of the card is three only.

5. The one who rightly predicts and puts its bet on the winning hand has the opportunity to go further for a payout of one-to-one. but here is the catch, under the baccarat casino the player must also put up a commission of five percent. This is important to reduce the odds of the payout on these hands from 19 to 20. 

That’s it for the rules. Was not that so quite easy-going to understand? Now hoping that you must have understood the rules of a baccarat casino. So let us head onto the next section of the article where we are going to learn about the elements of a baccarat casino. 


The baccarat casino has got just two elements basically, rest everything lies on your brain and luck!

1. The table:

The number of seats in the baccarat casino ranges from seven to fourteen for all the players, but it also depends on the type of baccarat you would be playing and the very important area of the dealer. The seats here do not matter much as the hands will be the same as before two: 

  • Banker’s Hand 
  • Player’s Hand

The players who are there to play do not get the cards but instead, they have their own are of betting. 

2. Value of the cards of baccarat Casino:

The system of cards is very different in the baccarat, as the highest value of the card goes to just nine. And also, the value of the hands cannot increase. 

Here are a few pointers that will make you understand the system of cards:

  • As soon as the value of the point goes up to a double-digit, the latter digit will on its own be equivalent to the hand’s value.  
  • If the hands are of the value 6 and 9, summating it we will get a total of fifteen. Now the bet on the hand which is the most near to the digit nine will win. 

As you guys have learned about the number system and the rules look at the other part of the article to know how to play baccarat:


There are just four easy steps that you guys have to follow to play baccarat which is written as follows:

1. Commence by framing a game plan that you will follow.

2. Make a budget according to which you will be placing your bet throughout the game.  

3. Now you have to put up a chip on the area of the player of the betting areas which will be there:

  • TIE

4. The cards will be put now and you have to put up a bet on any one out of the three betting options.

You have now learned how to play baccarat so let us hop on to the tips that you might want to follow to win.


Every person who plays Casino, plays with an intent to win only. So, here are some tips that you can watch, and who knows, you might even win. 

  • First and the foremost thing is to frame out the layout which you will be following throughout the game. 
  • Plan a budget according to which you will place your bets to avoid the maximum risk of losing your money unnecessarily. 
  • Never bring up credit cards to the game, it is wise to you cash in case of debt or paying the money on the spot. 
  • Set a limit on your win as well, according to which you would know when to fold up or when to continue. 

After knowing the tricks let us navigate our way to the next portion of this article which will tell us all about winning this baccarat.


Let’s grab a look at the different categories under winning:

1.  Natural win

Whenever the total points account for 8 or 9 points one of the hands out of the player’s hand or the banker’s hand then those are dealt and further, the game ended with a natural or organic win. 

In this win, the bets placed are paid off. 

2. The third card

When the natural win condition is not happening at that time neither of the hands summates to the value of either 8 or 9, then there can be the entry of a card which would be additional, and the dealer person may do it one or more hands, but it all depends on the total. 

Whenever the third card is taken out of the game and the rules of the baccarat become damn clear and simple. 

3. Winning hand

In winning hands, the hand which is the nearest to a summation of nine is declared the winning hand. Now as soon as the winning hands are declared the dealer present there accumulates the bets lost and gives it for the winnings.

Further, the dealer there takes up a commission of 5% as mentioned earlier, on the bets won but on the banker’s hand only. 

Ever wonder how the casino earns money this is the way they earn their money from the bets won by charging or taking up a commission of 5%. 

  • These commissions are then tracked in the box of commission every time the dealer collects them. 


There is one pivotal key point that you gotta keep in your brainy box and that is placing a bet.

Baccarat game is equivalent to a guessing game, hence the players who want to play have to put up their bets beforehand. 

There are three options that you can place your bets on which are as follows:

  • Banker’s hand
  • Player’s hand
  • Tie


So, this was all about the baccarat game. We hope that you would have got sufficient information and knowledge regarding the baccarat game and would now be able to play it without any hurdles. Wish you all the best for your game and have a safe play.

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