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pl/fl poker

In this very article, you will be learning about the different limits of playing the game of poker. It is important and crucial to know about the game before playing it up. So here in this article, you are going to learn about pl/fl poker. Stick on to this article to know about these things.


Before starting up with the main piece of information about pl/fl poker, let us look at an example: 

Let us imagine that we are taking up a blind for $ 1 and after the blind, the big blind is for $2. This amount will be taken into account for the explanation of further betting variations. So, don’t get confused!

SECTION 1: FIXED LIMIT (pl/fl poker)

The fixed limit is very real like the OG bet and is very well used in many games of poker, though it is uncommon when you play it via the online method. In the fixed limit the players are permitted to bet at a given stake with a given amount already specified and, as very well suggested by the name itself the choice of how much to put in is pretty fixed by the stakes. By utilizing the example given, first, the under the gun player is on the left side of our big blind has three various choices to choose from which are as follows:

  • This guy can call up for $2 as the big blind.
  • This player can also raise the stakes but is allowed to do only a $2 raise as it is unchangeable. 
  • This player has the option of backing out that folding up and sitting beside and further waiting and getting the chance for a new game. But one thing to keep in mind is that he may not be able to check out the purpose of the blind as it is a step to create the first action. 
  • Every round has its maximum amount of raise that is fixed. [ mostly it is stuck at three only.]. 
  • Whenever there is a bet then it can be increased by three times and after that, the other players have to call up or fold up their game. It is generally dependent on the different venues where you play poker, as every house has its own rules. 
  • Normally this kind of bet stresses how important it is to bet in the game of poker. 
  • It is also known as poker of spread limit. 
  • The range of the amount is fixed and to an adequate amount. 

Now as you have got sufficient information about the fixed limit let us head on to the next section to know about another bet which is the pot limit. 

SECTION 2: POT LIMIT (pl/fl poker)

As the name very well hints the limit is set by the amount of pot is its size. It can get costlier as compared to the limit play as the limit is fixed in one and whereas in the pot-limit the limit depends upon the pot’s size and we clearly cannot determine its size beforehand. There is a direct link between pot limit and pot size if the size will increase then the pot limit will also increase. The rems in pot play are almost the same as the fixed play, the difference comes up in the amount the player can raise. If the player wants to raise a bet of $2 to $7, they can. But a fact that you would always have to remember is that this bet could get too expensive and you need to play it with a hell a lot of caution. 

The thing to remember in pot-limit is a player who wishes to raise first counts the amount he would need to call and adds it to the pot and then can raise the size of the pot. Now as you have the knowledge regarding this limit let us throw some light on the other one.

SECTION 3: NO LIMIT (pl/fl poker)

No limit is the limit that is been famous by the name DOYLE BRUNSON, a legendary player of poker known by the title “CADILLAC OF POKER”. The name of the limit is self-explanatory in that it means that there is no restriction on whatever blind size you are betting. This is very similar to the pot limit but there is one huge variation between these two and that is the maximum limit on the amount. There is one big piece of information that you guys need to know and which is that the tournaments are high-paying and official, this limit is very well used there. 

As said that there are not any restrictions on the maximum limit so a player, playing can put all the bet it wants, even if that person has less initial blind, then also it is their decision to decide whether to give all in or do some small interactions. You guys need to remember one thing very carefully and which is that poker is a game where you need to be fully aware and play it all with your full conscious. Be it any limit awareness and brain is very important. 

Example to understand:

Time for some example to understand this concept in a better manner:

If let’s suppose a player in front of you is making bets of a great amount and you think that it might be a risky option to put in your play then it is necessary to act according to the situation of the game. If one player gives up large bets, you might want to fold up and try your luck for the game, because following the sheep would not work here. 

Instead taking up your own decisions is what is considered smart in such responsible and risky games. So, this is what is the no-limit bet wherein the player has no restriction or amount for the maximum bet the player wants to put up. Now I hope that you got enough information regarding the NO LIMIT bet, so let us do no forget our track and keep up with the other section of the article to know more about the bets. 

SECTION 4: MIXED LIMIT (pl/fl poker)

This limit is taken from or devised from the no-limit and pot-limit games played. This kind of limit is made to not permit pre-flop increment so that we can keep the game a bit low comparatively when it will come to the start of the betting, but it also has a motive to not limit the best bets from the players and make sure they are putting up their best foot forward. 

Example of mixed limit: 

Let’s check out an example to understand it in a better fashion:

First of all, the chips are 10 in amount and the blind which is big is 20 chips. Now before all the flop, the whole betting is like a pot limit, and hence the service might be availed that you guys can take a cheapish look at the flop with few cards of value. After the flop, the whole betting transforms into a limit bet, and then it may gradually proceed to move all the cards in at any given point. That is it about the mixed limit bet. Hope you got an interesting piece of information. 


We hope that this pl/fl poker write up is enough for you to know about the different types of bets that are involved in the game of poker. For more information, the pl/fl poker helpline team will be available 24×7 for you guys because we wish for a safe and clean game for you all. Happy and safe poker game wishes from our side.

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