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hulu Error Code p-dev302

Hulu is a huge streaming service with entire movies, original programs, and live TV alternatives that first launched as a platform for recently broadcast TV series. Five other persons with their own profiles can log into your account and utilize Hulu from different displays. Although each profile is distinct from the others, there is no additional charge. Every profile has a different viewing history and set of suggestions. Even a separate Hulu profile can be created just for children to limit their access only to family-friendly programming.

Hulu offers completely free and authorized streaming of all of its content. It is all possible as Hulu has legitimate agreements with content providers that allow it to publish material from their networks. Hulu provides online content from most entertainment platforms including BBC America, TLC, Animal planet, etc. You must first buy a subscription for streaming on Hulu.  Few contents are optionally excluded from the plan but can be included by paying an additional feet. There is also an option to remove advertisements from your Hulu app by paying the extra charge for it.


  1. The Hulu Error Code P-DEV302 is mainly caused by faulty or expired firmware on the Hulu app. 
  2. If you have the anti-tracking feature enabled in your browser’s settings, it may also show up on your device. 
  3. No data exchange between the Hulu application and the Hulu server
  4. Improper internet connection can cause a major problem.
  5. Sometimes there may be a problem within the Hulu application.

Hulu Error Code P-Dev302 can appear on devices like computers, phones, and Vizio Smart TV. It is also related to other error codes like P-dev318 and P-dev322.

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The top fixes for rectifying Hulu Error Code P-Dev302 are as follows:

  • Basic solutions

Before getting into technical solutions, you can firstly check these common fixes such as:

  1. Confirm that you are connected to the internet properly.
  2. Check your ethernet and wifi router configurations.
  3. Restart your Hulu application and try using it again.  
  • Reset your Smart TV to factory defaults
  1. Firstly, your Smart TV should be switched off.
  2. Restart it after 30 seconds. 
  3. Enter the Menu option on the remote control. Open System and choose OK.
  4. Choose Reset and Control then tap on OK.
  5. Locate Reset TV to Factory Defaults and tap on OK.
  6. In case you have a lock code, open it and tap on Reset.
  7. Your TV will be shut down and the p-dev302 error code will be eliminated.

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  • Erase the cache for Hulu
  1. Open the Settings option.
  2. Now click on the application management option.
  3. Erase the app data or cache.
  4. Then restart Hulu.
  • Hulu app must be updated
  1. Use the Microsoft Store icon to open the Hulu app.
  2. After that select the three-dot button placed on the upper right section and choose Downloads and Updates.
  3. Locate Hulu and tap on “Get Updates” to continue.
  4. Lastly, wait for the program to download completely and then install the updated version of it.
  5. As soon as everything is finished properly, restart the Hulu program.

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  • Shut off Anti-Tracking in your Browser’s Settings

Hulu error code P-Dev302 can be caused if the anti-tracking feature is enabled in the browser’s settings as it restricts Hulu’s abilities to work to the DRM requirements. So, shutting it off would help you with Hulu error code P-Dev302, and in order to do so follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Enter the Settings option from the upper left section on the Chrome browser, then get to the Privacy & Security tab. 
  2. Now disable the Send a “Do Not Track” Request with your Browsing Traffic by switching it off after opening the “Cookies and Other Site Data”.
  3. Now restart the Chrome browser and confirm if the Hulu error is fixed. 
  4. If the problem persists after following these steps then try opening the browser in the InPrivate/Incognito Mode it may fix the problem.


We as a company hope that you all would be satisfied with the solutions given in the article and you guys would have found your perfect preferred fix for the HULU ERROR CODE p-dev302. We all know how frustrating it is when we come across any type of error while working hence we thought to give you the perfect solution and that too just a few clicks away so that it would be easy for you all to find what you need.

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