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hulu Error Code P-Edu 136

We all have knowledge that there are various errors that occur suddenly out of nowhere when we are streaming videos and our preferred programs. In the same way, there are hundreds of errors when we play or stream videos using the application of HULU, we encounter various peculiar errors or issues, like in this article we will be talking regarding the HULU ERROR CODE p-edu 136. 

Some of the factors which are possible in real life because of which we face this kind of issue are written below:

  1. Not so strong bandwidth.
  2. Pretty weak internet connection.
  3. The basic server of the application of HULU might not be working efficiently or some kind of work could be in process. 

Now we will be going on the path of finding a solution to this error. The below-given methods are a few of the options you can try out easily. 


Here we are with a few of the finest solutions:


You can try out this method at any point in time as it is one of the most basic solutions that you all can perform. Just checking the connection of your internet. What you have to do is to get a sight of your internet connection and see whether it is strong enough to carry out the functions of the application of HULU. You also have to ensure that your application of HULU is not linked to any kind of mobile network or the connection of proxy. Though you can simply carry out the process of turning the device OFF and then turn it ON again to get a similar result. 

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This peculiar error also happens when your system is lacking the newest version of the application of HULU. In this case to prevent this error you have to update your software or application of HULU. If you have any kind of doubt about how to carry out the procedure you can see the steps directed below: 

  1. Open up the icon which represents the Microsoft store.
  2. Tap on the button which would represent three dots and its location would be at the extreme right top of the screen which would be there in front of you. And then grab the button which says DOWNLOADS AND UPDATES. 
  3. Identify the application of HULU and pick the option which says GET UPDATES to travel with the flow of the procedure. 
  4. At last, what you have to do is wait for some time so that the whole procedure of download can be completed and further you can finally enjoy the recent version of software of application of HULU.  

Just have a look at the HULU ERROR CODE p-edu 136 error, whether it is fixed or not. 

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The thing that you have to do in this procedure is to just delete up the random not-required cache collected in the software of HULU. 

Follow up the directions given to carry out the given procedure: 

  1. Go to the way where you can find the option of the menu of settings. You now have to grab the option of managing the menu application.  
  2. Further you need to clear up the data or cache of the application of HULU. 

Just follow up simple and two easy steps and this method is what you can try out and succeed. But just in case, you would not be able to carry out the procedure and succeed in it then you can delete the application of HULU from your preferred device and then download it again so that you would not face this error or issue again. 

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The last method that we would suggest is to directly contact or call up the community of HULU to ask for a solution to HULU ERROR CODE p-edu 136. 


We want you to find the best solution for the HULU ERROR CODE p-edu 136 problem and fix it. It should be easy as well as simple to execute. Hence these are the methods we have picked which we thought to be the best to solve your problem. Now what we believe is that you would have found out the best for you and do remember you can communicate with the HULU community at any time of the day. 

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