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hulu not working on firestick

Well, there can be an “n” number of reasons why you are experiencing the “Hulu not working on firestick” problem. We are here with the top solutions for this issue.

Resetting Hulu on Firestick

Below listed are a few of the best workarounds to sort the “Hulu not working on firestick 2021” issue.

Rebegin the Hulu application. 

Sometimes, even a normal restart can solve the biggest problems of all. So just try out this magic solution.

  • Launch Settings, go to Applications, and navigate to Manage Installed Applications.
  • Now pick Hulu, and hit the Restart option. 
  • The entire app and all the background functions closes which might have been responsible for the halt of the application.

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Restart the Fire Stick. 

A very simple workaround is to rebegin the gadget and apps simultaneously. You may go for a Fire TV remote reset if you figure out that Firestick is not responding well. 

  • Detach the Fire Stick from the HDMI port of the Television. Now wait for a few moments, and put it back. 
  • In case your TV is out of reach, then you opt for resetting the Firestick via remote. Press both the Play/Pause and Select buttons together at the same time.
  • Five seconds later, the Fire Stick will start by itself.

Delete the browsing data on the Fire Stick. 

Often Fire Stick crashes because of junk and corrupted files. Clearing the cache and data gets rid of unnecessary information stored on the device. 

  • Open Settings and move to Applications.
  • Snap Manage Installed Applications and locate Hulu. 
  • Tap the “Clear cache and Clear data” option. And your junk files will be cleared.

Note: Remember that login information will also get eradicated, so you have to activate the gadget again.

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Restore the Fire Stick to factory settings. 

You can try restoring the Firestick to default settings. Going back to the original factory settings will take away all the applications and files. Thereafter you gotta re-login through your Amazon account.

Verify the Server Outage

It’s quite common for the server to go down. Streaming platforms all over the globe face server outages. You may verify the status of the Hulu server by checking the sites such as Downdetector. Outages will be displayed in the form of consumer complaints and a failure card. Another option is that you can try out social sites such as Facebook, and Twitter (search for #hulu and #huludown) to get live updates. 

Check if Hulu App Requires an Update

If you are done with the above methods, and nothing worked in your support, you may go for updating the Hulu app on the Fire Stick. Frequent Hulu updates are required to make the app a wonderfully memorable experience for you. Hence, you gotta update the Hulu app on a frequent basis.

How to check for Hulu updates on Fire TV Stick:

  1. Hit the Apps button displayed at the home screen’s top bar.
  2. Locate and click the Hulu application icon.
  3. Snap the Update option.
  4. Wait for the downloading and installation to get done.
  5. Go for the Open option and verify the working status of the app. 

After updating, the app should open and work properly. If not, keep reading to learn more troubleshooting methods for “Hulu live not working on firestick”.

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  1. Meet internet specifications

It’s quite imperative to have a decent internet service in order to have the Hulu app functioning on your streaming device. A non-fluctuating internet with regular speed is pretty much needed for an awesome movie experience. So, here are the bandwidth specifications:

  • 1.5 Mb/second for normal definition (SD)
  • 3 Mb or 6Mb/second for 720p and 1080p respectively 
  • 8 Mb/second for streaming live Television channels 
  • 16 Mb/second or higher for 4K streaming

If your internet is working perfectly fine, then this is not the culprit. Then you have to keep on with the hit and trial method to get a concrete solution for “Hulu live not working on firestick”.

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  1. Reboot The Router

Router issues are pretty common in such cases. A power cycle or a cold restart can actually do wonders! This has been proven to be the most effective solution of all. That is why it is among the highly recommended solutions for “Hulu on firestick not working”.

ConclusionHope this “Hulu not working on firestick” write-up works in your favor and you are actually able to enjoy your favorite movies on Firestick.

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