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hulu not working on roku

So many people stream Hulu on a Roku streaming device but very often, they complain about why Hulu is not working on Roku and their Roku keeps on crashing very frequently. The problem of Hulu not working on Roku can be caused if you are using a Roku system that is not updated or if you are using an outdated Hulu application software. 

Although the crashing of the Roku streaming device and the problem of Hulu not working on Roku are very common. But at the same time, it is also super simple to fix. If you are facing the issue of same, then you can try the below-given solutions:

Hulu is not working on Roku, why isn’t Hulu loading? 

The first thing that we can think of as the root cause of Hulu not working on Roku, will be the unstable internet connection. You can check your internet connection by switching to any other apps or opening any video on YouTube. 

The second reason can be the non-updated version of Hulu. There might be a possibility that your Roku will not work more with Hulu because the new streaming devices of Roku have the latest version of Hulu in them and the version that you are using, might be outdated. 

The problem of Hulu not working on Roku often happens due to any corrupted application. If the other applications are working smoothly, and there is not any glitch, then the problem is with your Hulu only. 

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How can I fix Roku Hulu not working? 

If your Hulu on Roku not working, if it is not loading or opening, or if you can open it but still you are not able to watch any show or movie then you can try the troubleshooting solutions given below:

  • Network connection

First, you need to check the stability of your internet connection because the Hulu app will buffer or stop working if you have a slow internet connection. 

  • Go to your settings
  • Go to Network
  • And then check the connection. 
  • If the network connection is not strong, you can perform troubleshooting in your Wi-Fi router. 

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  • Check the Hulu server

Check the server from the Hulu site. If your network connection is stable, then you can check the stability of Hulu’s server. If the server is down, then you will have to wait till the Hulu team rectifies it. 

  • Update your Hulu channel

All the Roku channels need an update after a certain interval of time, so you need to update them. To check if there are any available updates, you can anytime go to the support site Hulu. The other way to check the updates is from the Roku app, highlight the Hulu application from there, and after that, you have to press the star key of your remote and check for any available updates. 

  • Uninstall and reinstall the channels. 

If you have already checked for the updates and there are not any updates, then the next step you can do is to uninstall and then re-install the Roku streaming application. By doing this, the memory of your device will clear up, and then it will ensure that you are not facing the problem of Hulu not working on Roku. 

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It is recommended by Roku to always restart your Roku streaming device if you have deleted any channel which was giving you the problem of Hulu not working on Roku. And then you may install that channel again. 

  • Check the update of your device

If none of the above is working for you, and you are still facing the problem of Hulu not working on Roku, then you can check if your Roku streaming device is up to date or not. You can check it by going to the settings and then the system. Over there see if there is any system update and if it is, then install it. 

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed Hulu not working on Roku and its solutions. All the solutions listed here are suggested by the experts. If there is anything else that you want to get help with, then you can contact the Hulu help team.

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