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Fix ps4 hulu data corrupted

Hulu is a very famous online streaming application which works under the company Walt Disney. In Hulu, you can watch various types of movies, shows and other Hulu original series. Many times, people complain about ps4 Hulu data being corrupted. To fix the issue of ps4 Hulu corrupted data, you can choose any of the ways given below:

What does Ps4 Hulu corrupted data mean? 

The error named as Ps4 Hulu data corrupted comes in place when the PS4 console fails in recognizing the data associated with the Hulu app. 

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How to fix Ps4 Hulu corrupted data? 

You must have known that Hulu can also be streamed on Ps4. However, people have reported about Hulu corrupted PS4 data. If you are facing the problem, then we are sure you must not be able to stream your favourite movie or show. To fix the issue of ps4 Hulu corrupted data, we have provided you with several solutions, you can choose any of the ways given below:

  1. Power cycle the PS4

As you do in other problems related to Ps4, in this case also power cycling your Ps4 console tops the list of solutions. It will reset the apps in your gadget; hence it will fix all the glitches and bugs in your device. In addition to that, all your cache data will be cleared along with the temporary data, making the performance of your device much smoother. 

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In order to power cycle your Ps4, follow the below written steps:

  • First, press the power button of your Ps4 to switch it off. When the indicator light blinks a few times, then your console will turn off. 
  • Next you have to plug out the power cord of your Ps4 from the socket and wait for two minutes. 
  • Then connect the power cord again and turn your console on. 
  • Now re open the Hulu app and see if the Ps4 Hulu corrupted data problem is solved. 
  1. Delete the system storage data

The data of the apps that you use on your Ps4, automatically gets saved in the system storage data when you download them. Though this stored data should be acting as the backup for the app data but sometimes it can cause the ps4 Hulu data corrupted. And many of the people have confessed that after they have deleted the system storage data, the “Ps4 Hulu corrupted data” glitch has been fixed. 

In order to delete the system storage data, follow the steps written steps:

  • First open the Ps4 console and through the home screen, open settings. 
  • Next snap on the application saved data management bar. 
  • Go to system storage and click on saved data and after that, choose the date. 
  • Now look for the Hulu application icon and then delete it. 

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Once you have done this process, there is a possibility that you will be asked to enter the login credentials such as the login Id and password of your Hulu account. And after logging in to your Hulu account again, check if the problem of Ps4 Hulu corrupted data persists. 

  1. Database rebuild if your Ps4. 

By doing a database rebuild, you can access all the user files and the app files present in the hard drive of your console. And by doing this, you can notice the change in the speed and smooth functions in your device while you open the apps and access the various features in your device. The time taken for this process will depend upon the number of applications and games you have installed in your Ps4. 

In order to do a database rebuild, follow the below written steps:

  • First turn your Ps4 off and you can do this by pressing the power button for a while. 
  • After you have turned off your Ps4, just press the power button and hold it for around seven seconds and you will hear two beep sounds. Once you listen to the two beep sounds, it means that your Ps4 has gone into safe mode. 
  • Connect the DualShock controller of your Ps4 with the help of a USB Cable. 
  • Next, up in the list of choices given in the safe mode, you have to choose the database rebuild option. This will probably be the fifth option.

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Once you have done this process, open the Hulu application again and then check if the problem of Ps4 Hulu corrupted data persists. 

Final words

In this article we discussed the problem associated with Hulu corrupted data Ps4. If you need any other help regarding this, then you can contact the team.

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