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In this article, we are going to give you information about the Printer installation process and software along with the printer driver download process. So, let’s dive straight into the process.

The HP printer drivers are software that is the head of controlling every hardware that you install in your computer or other device and it makes the operating system interact with the hardware that you install. 

We know that each tool works or contributes in a different way to the device and so is the system with the printer drivers. The printer drivers are the guide or manuals that have the steps concluded in it which tell us about the usage of every tool and guide the human about how to use that particular tool. That is the reason why installing the printer drivers is the most important thing in your device. So that it can teach the operating system how to use the tools present in it. setup

Below given are, the steps for 123 hp com dj1110 setup using 123 hp com dj1110 drivers from the site(

  • Connect your device to a network. 
  • Go to windows> device installation> tap yes. 
  • Allow the windows for installing manufacturer drivers. 
  • Connect your printer to Wi-Fi. 
  • Go to 123 hp com dj1110 setup then go to the Wireless setup wizard and enter your login credentials. 
  • Next select the add printer tab and then wait for your printer to be located. 
  • Once your printer is found, tap on the add device, and the installation process will be completed. 

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If your printer is not found, then follow these steps:

  • Tap on your printer. 
  • Snap-on add printer then snap on next. 
  • Next you have to search your printer’s IP address. 
  • Follow the instructions given to complete the 123 hp com dj1110 setup. 

The next step would be to add a USB-connected printer with your windows 

  • The next step would be starting the 123 hp com dj1110 setup in windows and you do not need to install Any more drivers. 
  • Go on your windows and then go to the settings and then search for change device installation and then select the yes tab. 
  • Your windows will ask you to allow it to download the drivers. 
  • Before that you will have to make sure that your system has a USB Port, and you have not connected your printer to any USB Hub, because if you do so, then your winter will not receive any kind of power and it will not be able to work in a proper way. 
  • Next turn your printer on, and after that connect the printer with a USB Cable. 

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If there is a message of new hardware found on your screen, then you have to follow the following series of steps:

  • You can even take a test print, and if you are able to take out a print, then you have successfully done the installation. 
  • In case you were not successful with the test print, then for adding the printer, you need to follow the below written steps:
  • If you are using windows, then you will need to find the add the printer tab and then click that icon. 
  • Once you have done this, then your windows will start searching for printers nearby, you will have to wait until then. 
  • In case it is not able to find the printer that you are using currently, then you will have to find and click on add a device in order to complete the driver installation of the 123 hp com dj1110 setup. 
  • Now you have to find and click on the printer you use. 
  • Now you will have to snap on the add a local printer tab or you can also select the network printer with manual settings and once you have done all this, click on next. 
  • Click next. 

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Now the process of setup is complete and then your drivers will also be installed. 

Final words

In this article, we discussed the setup and the printer drivers of the same HP printer. If you need any other assistance regarding this topic, you will need to contact the HP assistance team.

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