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hp designjet 500 error 21 10

HP is a very highly demanded computer hardware company which also produces laptops and printers. But sometimes there can be some error that you may encounter with the HP designjet 500 error 21 10. This HP designjet 500 error 21 10 can be caused by several reasons among which some things that inhibit the service station motion can also be counted. You can resolve the hp designjet 500 error 21 10 by performing the troubleshoot in your device. By doing the troubleshooting, you can remove the motors, and also you will be able to operate the white gears too with your fingers. Hence you can check if there are any obstacles in the movement of the sled with the help of four print heads of it. If you find any, then you will need to correct them.

The problem that can occur may be that your service station can be incorrectly placed in the bracket which will lead the sled to hit the bottom of your carriage. For fixing this, you can remove the SS and then insert it again. One more reason which can cause this problem can be the lip that is present on the front edge of the SS which is supposed to slide on the top of the same-looking lip in the SS bracket.

You can also check if the hp designjet 500 ink if it’s working properly or if it has finished. 

Hp designjet 500 won’t print with Windows 10

People who are using the HP designjet 500, have often reported about Hp designjet 500 won’t print with Windows 10 so to resolve this problem, we have given some solutions below. So, these were the troubleshooting tips for the hp designjet 500 error 21 10.

  • Check your hp designjet 500 driver:

Make sure that the driver that you have selected is the correct hp designjet 500 driver. There are already pre-installed drivers in Microsoft Windows 10 available for all the models of DesignJet 500 and the 800 printers. And hence you do not need to download anything else on your device. 

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  • Check your Windows 10 settings

The plotters of HP DesignJet 500 and HP DesignJet 800 are usually installed in Windows 10 correctly. As in Windows 10, it will load the proper hp designjet 500 driver and everything else will be running fine but only the printing jobs will never be coming out from the plotter. 

To fix this particular problem, we have come up with a solution for you. 

In windows 10, there is a setting present which is a default setting and is called the “Let Windows manage my default printer”. You can reach this particular setting by opening your windows 10 and then going to the settings tab after that click on devices and after that, you have to select the printers and scanners tab which will be present on the left side of your device screen. 

After you have reached this stage, you just have to press the ON and OFF switch and then all your printing processes will start working properly. 

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Hp designjet 500 won’t print with Windows 10

In 2020, in the month of June, there was an update made in HP that the HP instant printing app which is available at the customer service site HP states that the driver downloads and the software are still working for printing PDFS and it should continue working for the users of Windows 10. 

After you have installed this update, some of the printers will not be able to print. The printing device might show you an error or when you try to print, it will get closed on its own, and hence you will not get any output or print out.

Note: the printing tool that we are talking about will only work if you have windows 10 or windows 8 and the printing application can be found in both windows 8 and windows 7 and the driver sections. 

Final words: In this article, we discussed the causes and solutions of HP designjet 500 error 21 10. And also, the HP designjet 500 won’t print with Windows 10. If you have any other issues, you can contact the HP team as well.

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