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HP Deskjet 3752 Wireless Setup

This write up is all about hp deskjet 3752, wireless setup, wifi setup and error codes. 

Hp deskjet 3752 wireless setup

In this particular section, we will give you the process of hp deskjet 3752 driver and Hp deskjet 3752 wireless setup.

Here are the steps for Hp deskjet 3752 wireless setup:

  • Before you download, disconnect your device from VPN. 
  • Next sign in to your Microsoft account, if you don’t have any, then you can also create one. 
  • Now download the HP smart app. 
  • It will be compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • You can complete the setup process through the HP smart app. 

Hp deskjet 3752 wifi setup

If you are facing the problem of not able to perform the Hp deskjet 3752 wifi setup, then follow the below written steps:

  • First, your printer and IOS device should be connected to the same internet connection. 
  • Connect your printer to WPS. 
  • If your printer is not able to support a WPS , then head to the HP smart app. 
  • Turn your printer on.
  • There will be a wireless button in the control panel, press and hold it till a light starts flashing.
  • A solid blue light will appear. 

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Printing from your Apple device

  • Turn the printer on and make sure ink cartridges are loaded. 
  • Select the document you want to print and snap on the share button. 
  • Snap on print and then select your printer. 
  • There will be a lot of printing settings available on your screen, you can change and modify them according to your need. Some of the printing settings have been listed below for you:

Paper setting: you can make any changes in the size of your paper and then the Airprint will detect the size of paper that you have loaded in your printer by itself and adjust it to the desired size you want. If there is any change in both the measurements then there will be an error displaying on your screen which will confirm you about the size that you want to print. 

The number of copies: you can choose the number of copies that you need to be printed. 

Black and white or coloured print: if you are printing through a colour printer, then you will be asked if you want to print in the grey scale that is the black and white print or if you want to go with a coloured print out. 

Single side or double side print: You can choose whether you want to print on the single side of the page or you want to do a double side print according to your needs. 

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Hp deskjet 3752 error codes

If you are dealing with any kind of Hp deskjet 3752 error codes, then we have given here some tips and tricks for you which you may need to solve those Hp deskjet 3752 error codes

Solving Guide to HP DeskJet 3752 error codes

These Hp deskjet 3752 error codes usually happen when the papers that you have put to print have been jammed. And once this happens, your printer will not be able to print or start printing blank pages. This also causes the problem of hp deskjet 3752 printing blank pages or hp deskjet 3752 not printing. So below here we are giving you some easy and quick fixes to solve this problem:

  • When you will be prompted about this error, you will also get the notification of Ink alert. 
  • First you have to take all the papers out from the input tray. 
  • Then look for the jammed paper, you can take the help of your mobile phone flashlight to see it if it is not visible. 
  • Do not remove the shield of the input tray as it has a purpose of preventing any kind of foreign objects that can fall on the paper you want to print. 
  • If you are still seeing the same error, then tap on the cancel button and after that, it will automatically clear all the jammed papers.
  • If there is any jammed paper seen on the output tray, you can clear it by yourself. 
  • Now just make sure that your cartridge is moving without any obstacle.

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Now your hp DeskJet 3752 error codes will go. 

Final words

In this article we discussed the hp deskjet 3752 driver , Hp deskjet 3752 wireless setup, Hp deskjet 3752 wifi setup, Hp deskjet 3752 error codes, and their solutions as well. If you need any other help, you can contact the HP team.

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