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hp warranty status popup

HP is a very popular company that produces laptops, printers, and other technical stuff, but sometimes people complain about the hp warranty status popup and how to get rid of it. And the solution of getting rid of the hp warranty status popup depends upon the Windows version that you use. In this article, we will discuss the solutions to the HP warranty status popup, so if you are interested, please keep on reading. 

Since the method of getting rid of the HP warranty status, popup depends upon the version of windows that you use, but still, there are certain ways through which you can get rid of the hp warranty status popup which include the following pointers:

  • You can try to disable the Update service of windows
  • You can edit the registry of your account. 
  • You can also use a third-party tool. 

How to check my hp warranty status popup? 

For checking your HP warranty status, what you can do is go to the official website of HP, and then on the page, you can see my products tab, which you have to click, and then, you will be able to see a list in which all of your registered products will be mentioned. You have to click on the product whose warranty you want to check, and after clicking that, you can see all the warranty-related information about that particular product. In case there is no warranty information shown for that product, then probably it doesn’t have any warranty on it. 

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How can I dispute my HP warranty? 

We all know how famous HP is and the wide range of products it manufactures, such as the printers, laptops and other computer hardware. The company HP has been in the market for many decades and it is producing top-notch quality products and hence it is so popular all around the world. The company keeps on bringing new policies, and one of the latest policies brought by the company is the new HP warranty policy. If you want to dispute your HP warranty, then make sure that you are having the date of purchasing your product along with the serial number of your product beforehand because for processing your request, the HP team will ask you for all this. And if you have all the documents, you can contact the team and then get your work done. 

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How can I check if my laptop is still under warranty? 

We know that we have to save a lot of money to buy a laptop and that is the reason why we should keep a check on the warranty of our laptop so that if it gets in trouble, then our money will not be wasted. The foremost thing that you can do in order to check the warranty date of your laptop, is to find the sticker that the manufacturer must have put on your laptop, and look at the warranty date on that. You can also enter the serial number of your laptop online and check if it’s still under the warranty or not. 

If my laptop screen is cracked, will it be covered under the warranty? 

HP is a very friendly brand to its users, so it will not break your heart if your screen is broken. In certain cases, the HP team will cover your broken screen under the warranty, and the HP manufacturers will be covering the broken screen of your HP product for a span of three years, and on top of that, they will only cover your broken screen under warranty if you have broken the screen accidentally and they will check the product damage once whether it is eligible for a warranty cover or not. 

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For How long do the HP manufacturers give warranty for HP products? 

The usual period of warranty that HP offers is a time span of 12 months. If your product is damaged, then the manufacturer will either repair it or get it replaced within 12 months. And in this warranty period, you cannot make any modifications to your products that are not authorized such as changing the battery and other hardware. 

Final Words

In this article, we discussed the hp warranty status popup and the ways through which you can get rid of the hp warranty status popup. If you want to get any other help, you can reach the HP website.

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