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How To Block Ads On Hulu

Hulu is one of the best platforms for streaming, if you have no problem with ads, then you can continue with the version that supports ads, but if you want to learn about blocking Hulu ads or if you want to shorten their length, then you can go through the given below superb workarounds:

Note: If you are using Hulu + Live TV, then the following steps will be useful in blocking Hulu ads, but they will not block Hulu ads for live streaming. 

Ways to block hulu ads

Take off your thinking cap and get the direct solution to “how to block hulu ads”. Here you go:

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Upgrade to Hulu with No Ads for Blocking Hulu ads. 

Upgrading your Hulu subscription to a ban ad-free subscription is the easiest way to block Hulu ads. You can upgrade it just by paying $12.999 monthly or you can even purchase it with a combination of Disney plus subscription which will also include ad-free Hulu and ESPN just for $19.99 monthly. 

If you want to upgrade your Hulu subscription to block Hulu ads, then you have to log into your Hulu account and then switch to the no-ads version of Hulu and your plan will be changed. The next time you will pay your bill, you will be charged an extra amount. 

By using the Chrome extension

If you access your Hulu account through Chrome, then you can get any third-party ad-blocking that will help you to block Hulu ads. You just have to install the extension and the rest of the work; it will do itself. You can grab the extensions like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin. 

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Reloading the Hulu page. 

This trick can for sure, shorten the length of the ads but not block Hulu ads. This means that your two or three minutes add will shorten up to 30 seconds. 

If this is not working for you then you can also try closing and re-opening the show you are watching and most probably you will get a shorter ad than what you had earlier. This is a very easy and quick tip to block Hulu ads. 

Using Ad-Blocking Browsers

There are several Ad-Blocking browsers available that will help you in blocking Hulu ads and one of them is Brave. If your system has blocked the browser, then you can go to the settings and then the privacy and security section and lastly enable your browser. 

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Using web Filtering:

There are some specific services that are responsible for giving ads on Hulu, you can block these services by using a function that is mostly available in modern web routers nowadays. You can make use of the function known as web filtering present in them and block the ad-bringing services. And blocking Hulu ads is done:

In order to do this, you need to follow the following written steps:

  • Open your web browser and in the search area, type the IP address of your router. 
  • Go to the settings menu of your router, and in the section of advanced options, find the option of web filtering and click it. 
  • Next save the settings you made and then restart your router again. 

In case there is a problem with Hulu not loading after you blocked the domain, then repeat the steps given above again and from the list of web filtering, remove that particular domain. 

By opening two Tabs. 

If you are browsing on Hulu through a Desktop, then here is a method by which you can skip ads on Hulu, you can open two tabs and watch the same show that you were bingeing. In one of the tabs, switch the volume off and then fast forward the ad. After this, open the second tab and start watching the show till the time the first ad appears. Now once the ad appears, mute it and then open the other tab. 

Now reopen the commercial showing on your screen and then turn the volume up and continue to watch your show. Till the time your show gets over, keep switching the tabs. This may seem to be a little lengthy process, but it is verified and guaranteed that it will block Hulu ads. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed how to block Hulu ads and the different ways through which you can block Hulu ads on your device at one go. If you need any other help, then you can contact the Hulu team

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