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How To Cancel Hulu On Roku

Hulu is a quite popular and highly demanded online streaming app. And there may be the case that you started with a free trial in accordance with the offer, but if you do not end or cancel your free trial at the correct time, then it will be automatically turned into a monthly subscription on its own which will be paid. And if this happens to you, then you will end up having an extra subscription to your list that you do not even want. So that is the reason why you should learn how to cancel your subscriptions if you want to save your money. 

In this article, we will be providing you with different methods through which you can cancel Hulu on Roku. Surely this write-up will put a full stop to “how to cancel Hulu subscription on Roku”. 

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If you have a subscription through Roku and if you have already linked a gateway for payment to your Roku account then you can easily buy channels and stream your desired services directly through your device. Doing the same will enable you to both pay and manage all of the subscriptions you have at a single place that will be the Roku TV or the Roku player. If you are not sure whether your Hulu subscription has been paid through Roku or not then you can follow the below written steps and you will get to know about the current status of your Hulu subscription.

How do I cancel Hulu on Roku

You can easily cancel Hulu on Roku by two methods: either you can cancel Hulu on Roku via Roku player or you can also perform the same through your online Roku account with the help of your web browser. Let’s see the steps for both:

How do I Cancel Hulu on Roku Streaming Device

If you wish to Cancel Hulu on Roku, then you can do it from two methods either from the store or from the channel list.  

On your Roku remote, snap the “Home” icon so that you will be able to access the Home screen.

  1. Snap on the “Channel Store” button.
  2. Tap on “Streaming Channels.”
  3. In the other way, you can find the channel list which will be present on the right side of your screen with the arrow buttons of your remote.
  4. Select the Hulu channel.
  5. Next click on the “*” (asterisk) sign in your Roku remote. From there, click on “Manage subscription” and then you will be shown the information about your subscriptions along with some additional options.
  6. Now you can end the Hulu subscription.

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How to cancel my Hulu Directly from Hulu

In case you have bought the subscription from Hulu directly, then you will first need to access your Hulu account on the official Hulu web page. 

  • Find and open the browser on your device and then open the webpage of your Hulu account. 
  • Next, by entering your username and password, sign in to your Hulu account. 
  • At the top right of the webpage, click on the icon of your profile.
  • click on the account.
  • Navigate to the section of your subscriptions and from there, click on Cancel my subscription.
  • Tap Cancel.

At this point, you will be offered to pause the subscription from the Hulu side, in the place of canceling your subscription. If you go for this option, you will have access to your Hulu account and the best part is you won’t be asked for any payment until you resume your Hulu subscription back. If you have made up your mind to cancel Hulu on Roku, then proceed with the steps written below:

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  • From The bottom right panel of your screen, tap on the continue to cancel button.
  • Next you will have to give or choose a reason for the cancellation of your subscription.

You will see a “we’ll miss you” notification which means that your subscription has been terminated. 

Final ThoughtsIn this article, we discussed the process of “cancel Hulu on roku”. If you still have any other issues regarding how to cancel Hulu subscription on Roku, then you can contact the team.

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