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In the debate of “Amazon Kindle” vs. “The normal books”, we have to admit that Kindle has made its upper hand by providing such a smooth book reading experience which is not that easy to avail with normal books. So, we have to give a token of appreciation to Kindle for this. Here we will enlighten some more properties of the Amazon Kindle gadget and also the amazing ( support)

Amazon Kindle is a Seattle, Washington-based company and the CEO of Amazon Kindle is Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the whole world. Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world and revenue-wise also, Amazon comes in the first position. And all of this is possible only due to the support and trust that the customers show in Amazon Kindle all over the world, especially in the USA And The US. 

Types of kindle gadgets available

As Kindle is getting very famous rapidly and the demands are increasing with the increasing number of customers, Kindle is now coming up with more types of Kindle gadgets such as the Kindle Fire, Kindle Voyage, and the Kindle paperwhite. The Kindle Fire also supports the multimedia display whereas the other two variants are for reading purposes only. And on top of all this, Kindle has now also come up with Kindle for kids which will display the readings which are suitable for kids. So, there are different types of Kindle devices for different kinds of users, so choose according to your needs. And you know what, all these Kindle devices are well supported with Kindle support (

Amazon kindle fire tablets

The Kindle fire tablets were featured by Amazon in the year 2011, and ever since it has made their place in everyone’s heart. And after that, Amazon has been releasing more and more versions of Amazon Kindle Fire tablets because of the love shown by the audience on it. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is an electronic gadget that enables you to do different sorts of activities which include accessing your email or browsing through the web, can download and use your favourite applications, and you can also enjoy movies and songs on top of all this, you can read books, which is the main purpose of Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. Customers who have an Amazon Prime subscription can enjoy more than 10000 movies on their Kindle gadget. The very first Amazon Kindle Fire tablet has been released with an Android OS which was named the Fire OS. Talking about the storage, it had around 8 GB of storage and about 512 MB of RAM Which was later updated to 1 GB in the second generation of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. The display screen was made up of Gorilla glass and it had a length of 7 inches. It came with a processor of 1.2GHz.

The next version of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet was the FIRE HD which had some changes in certain features. It improved its storage to 8-64 GB of FLASH. And it also has access to Bluetooth and LTE Connectivity. Then in the year 2013, came the FIRE HDX which had two models, one with a 7-inch screen and another with 8.9 inches screen. It updated its RAM to 2 GB with 8 Megapixels of the rear camera.  The next release in the series was the very first kids’ version. It came with 8 GB of storage and two screen options one with 6 inches and another with 7 inches. In 2017, this was updated to a storage capacity of 32 GB and a display screen of 8 inches in the next version. You can get some more information about the Kindle devices by calling the Kindle support number Or you can also reach their website at The most recent Kindle is the HD 10 Kindle which has a 1080p alluring display with a quad-core processor of 1.8 GHz.  It also comes with 32 GB of space and 2 GB of RAM. This version also supports Alexa for a hands-free surfing experience. 

Amazon kindle paperwhite e-reader

The name of this version suggests that it is a normal traditional way of book reading but surprisingly, it is the most loved Kindle variant and it has everything that a Kindle Fire gadget has. The very first version of the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader was released in the year 2012 by the Kindle Tech support. This Variant has a display screen of 6 inches. And the extra feature was the illumination which was done by putting 4 LED Bulbs to illuminate the display for a better reading experience. And the most amazing part, you can take this e-reader to the beaches and it will not be harmed. In this e-reader, there was a feature that detects the reading speed of the user and then it will tell you the estimated time by which you will be done reading that particular book. 

Now comes the second generation which is generally called the paperwhite 2 which was released in the year 2013 by the Kindle tech support team. This version had better illumination by an increase of twenty-five percent and you can increase the illumination just by calling the Kindle support number. It also had a relatively faster processor than the previous one of 1GHz. 

Talking about the third generation of Kindle paperwhite e-reader, the year of release of the third generation was 2015 which had almost the same features as the previous one including the LED Display and the picture quality and processors. However, the changes are in the storage which has now upgraded to a total of 3 GB and also the Amazon Kindle support claims that the battery life has been improved for the usage of up to 21 hours. In addition to this, the third generation was the first-ever Kindle device which had a flagship booker font as claimed by the Amazon support number. This generation also enables you to do translation in the pdf files itself and it comes with a better display of pdf files. Especially for the Japanese market, a different variant of the third generation was released in Japan which was named the MANGA MODEL or paperwhite 3. This version had 32 GB of storage which is enough to store around 700 manga books. 

Amazon kindle voyage

If the Kindle Paperwhite is considered the traditional way of reading books, then the brand new Kindle Voyage can be termed as the future of book reading. It was released in the year 2014. It comes with a display screen of 6 inches, which comes with a total of 6 LED Bulbs which will enhance your experience of reading books. The screen will adjust its brightness itself depending upon the environment. A new feature was introduced in the Kindle Voyage which is known as the PagePress and this feature will automatically turn the page that you are reading with sensor touches available on both the sides of the page that you are reading. But if you do not want to enable this feature and you want your Kindle device to be solely touch screen, then you can also deactivate this feature by taking the help of the kindle support number Or at the website support. The new Kindle voyage is very slim and sleek with a thickness of only 7.6 mm and is very stylish as well as it has a magnesium body for better gripping unsurprisingly, it is very famous among the Kindle family and it has been used a lot but considering its price of $199, it has got some hate as well. 

Common kindle problems and their respective solutions

In every electronic gadget, there is a possibility that you experience some technical glitch or any other issues. The same happens with Amazon Kindle, it can also get some bugs or some technical problems that you can solve by yourself, or in severe cases, you may need to contact the Kindle support number. So below given are the four most common problems of Amazon Kindle devices along with their solutions:

1. Battery draining too fast:

Problem: Some of the Kindle users have always complained about the battery of their Kindle device draining too fast and considering the number of customers who have the same problem, this issue has become really important. 

Solution: If you do not want to call the Kindle support number and you want to solve to issue on your own, then the foremost thing that you can do is restart your Kindle gadget by simply pressing the power button for around 40 seconds or more and many of the times, the issue gets resolved just by doing this much and then you will not need to reach the Kindle support. However, in some cases, this issue is still observed even after restarting the device, so in that case, there are a couple of more things that you can do in this matter. Firstly, you can uninstall some applications that are not used on your device and the apps which use a lot of battery should also be uninstalled. If this does not work, then you can perform the factory reset to your device but before doing the reset, you can back up your important data on You can also keep your device in battery-saver mode. 

2. Wi-Fi connectivity problem

Problem: You may sometimes face some issues in connecting your Kindle device to a Wi-Fi network and you don’t need to worry, contact the Amazon Kindle Fire tech support number 

Solution: there are several reasons for this problem but the first thing that you can do is check if the airplane mode is on because it will not connect to Wi-Fi if it is in airplane mode. And if that is fine then re-check the password that you are entering to login the password and if still there is any problem, then check if the router is working or not by connecting it to other devices. And the last step you can do is restart both the router and the Kindle device. 

3. Your Kindle device freezes

Problem: This problem can freak out the user but you don’t need to worry, it can be fixed. 

Solution: There are some situations in which your Kindle device stops responding and you are not able to touch any icon, so here you have to restart your Kindle device in most of the cases, this trick works but if it doesn’t, you can reset your Kindle device and take your backup on the Kindle support. 

4. Micro SD not working

Problem: some users make a complaint that their Kindle device is not able to detect the Micro SD card that they have inserted. 

Solution: First you have to check if your SD card is placed nicely or not for that you can turn off your device and then insert the SD card again, if this is not working then you can open your device, go to its settings and then the SD card and see if your SD card is showing up over there or not and if the problem persists, you should just go to the kindle support number or support for Kindle and check over there that is your device compatible with the SD card or not and then if not, then change your SD card. 

5. Failure of register of kindle device

Not able to register your kindle device? Here goes the reasons behind the failure of registration of the kindle device? 

Problem: If you have to use kindle then make sure that you are not accessing it with the account of amazon that is already serving its purpose on another kindle device. This kindle service can handle only one kindle device which would be registered. 

Solution: Ensure that the different device is not registered with the account of any other. If it is required then you might want to consider the method of deregistering the account of kindle and then do the process of registering again. 

Deregistering your old kindle device:

  • First go home. 
  • Then navigate your way to the menu option.
  • Pick the option of settings.
  • Choose the option of my account for new devices and registration for older devices connection. 
  • Touch the device of deregister and as soon as it gets prompted you have to choose deregister for the second time to confirm it. 
  • Now you have to follow up with the registration once again after completing the process. Make sure that you type the right password to finish the registration process successfully. 

While utilising your PC or laptop or computer you have to manage your way and go to the option of account. Further, managing the devices and content that you prefer. Pick the device on which you want to deregister and obey the directions which would be displayed on the screen you would be using and then you can fix up the registration error of kindle. You can also contact further help and support from kindle when and if needed. 

Problem: The other reason behind this fuss could be due to poor signals from wireless fidelity connection. Because of this there could be an error flashing on your kindle and would not be able to link. 

Solution: Make sure that the internet connections are strong.

Problem: Password must be incorrect

Solution: You have to ensure that the association between your password and the device is pretty strong. You can also check whether the password is incorrect or correct because using the wrong password could also give rise to this issue.  

Note: On the top of it, is always there for your support!

5. Brand new kindle error of registration:

Problem: The new users have to register with the help of amazon before you make use of other devices. There are many benefits when you make use of a single kindle account to carry out what you want. You can enjoy any type of content on kindle, be it books and magazines. This kind of error comes up when the account is registered but then the final user is not able to register properly or does not know how to do it.  

Solution: We know issues coming up can be damn frustrating and fussy, but with calm and patience you can solve these issues. Registration issue also comes up due to wrong passwords. It happens a lot of times that we tend to forget the password so it would be better if you remember your credentials at the time it is needed. If your desired device is bought up by a different account then you have to follow up on the deregistration process. These kinds of issues can also come up when your network is pretty weak or you try to register without any network association. 

Given below are the steps on how to register your Kindle device: 

  • From the option of home, you have to go to the option of MENU and then choose settings. 
  • Now you have to pick the option of MY ACCOUNT [ pick this option for new devices] or REGISTRATION [ pick this option for older devices]. 
  • Further you will be dealing with two options, one would be an older account or if you want a new one. Grab the suitable choice and obey the directions which would be given on the screen or you can simply choose to take help from kindle support. 

Still, for a novice, it can be a little troubling. You may seek amazon kindle support ( anytime to seek professional Kindle support.

6. Connecting Issues of Kindle with PC

Problem: This trouble can arise when you try to move the data and files. You may receive an error message such as the device has stopped responding or disconnected. 

Solution: Follow the given series-

  • Switch off the PC system and Kindle for 30 seconds. And then turn it ON to reset the system and Kindle device.
  • Go for a new USB port and USB cable to associate your PC and Kindle.

Note: If this doesn’t work, then employ Dropbox to transfer the files. Also, you can always rely on

Amazon kindle support

Amazon is a great company and the number of Kindle users is huge, so they will never let their customers down. And the best way of taking care of the customers is to provide them with technical Kindle support by all means. 

  • That’s why Amazon also has the Amazon Kindle support number to satisfy all the needs of its customers. You can contact the Kindle support number which is completely toll-free in the US and Canada. 
  • You can also go to the Amazon website and in the help section you can raise your query and you will get the desired help from the Kindle support. 


This article was all about the different kinds of issues and how Kindle support ( can assist you in multiple ways in various Kindle problems that you face. We hope it helped. 

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