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hulu error code p-dev318

We all know that there are different errors that come up when we are streaming videos and programs or shows. Similarly, there are many errors when we play or stream videos using the application of HULU, we come across different errors or issues in this article we will be discussing the HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318. 

Few of the possible factors due to which we encounter this kind of issue are as follows:

  1. Weak bandwidth
  2. Not-so-strong internet connection
  3. The main server of the HULU application could not be working properly or under any kind of repair work. 


Now we will be moving on toward the solutions to HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318 error. There are four methods by which you can solve this error in just a few easy clicks. These are written below:


One of the common and the easiest solutions to solve this error is to check your internet connectivity. You have to make sure that the internet connection is strong enough as well as your application of HULU is not connected to any proxy network or direct mobile network. You can even use the method of plug ON and plug OFF, you can pick the plug out, and then you can connect it again, to see if it works or not. But still, if the error is not solved then there are different methods en route.

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This error can occur when you do not have the latest version of the HULU application installed, you may have to update your version of HULU software so that you can avoid the HULU error of p-dev318.

You can follow up on the below-given instructions to do the same:

  1. Unclose the store of the Microsoft symbol.
  2. Hit the button which would consist of three dots and it will be in the extreme right top of your screen and then pick the option of DOWNLOADS AND UPDATES. 
  3. Discover HULU and grab the button of GET UPDATES to further go with the process. 
  4. Finally, you have to wait for a few minutes so that the process of downloading can be completed and then get the most recent version of the HULU software. 

As soon as you have completed these steps you can see if your HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318 is fixed or not. 

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You just have to erase the unnecessary cache which would be collected for the application of HULU. 

Now here is what you have to do, to clear up the cache for HULU. 

  • Navigate your way to the menu of settings. Then pick the manage applications menu. 
  • Now you have to clean up the data or cache of the HULU application. 

But if you are not able to clear up the cache of the HULU application then you can follow up the procedure of deleting the application of HULU and then install it again and follow up with the same thing. You can then further start the application of HULU again so as to check whether the HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318 is solved or not. 

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The last and final method here is to just simply call up the community of HULU or the customer care via the mode of chat or call to solve the issues via the method of troubleshooting so that you can fix up the HULU ERROR CODE we are discussing which is none other than HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318. They would simply solve your error or issue that you would be facing by either giving up simple directions or a few fixes that you could try out.  


We as a company hope that this article would have helped you in solving the HULU ERROR CODE p-dev318 that you would be facing while streaming your preferred videos. There are four different methods listed in the article hence giving you the option to choose between these and do it according to your way. But you guys need to always remember that you can straight up contact the HULU community to solve your doubt or error and fix things up.

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