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Hulu Error code p-edu129

As we know there are so many errors that occur when it comes to digital platforms for playing videos. The same way there are many kinds of errors that come up while using HULU. So let us know what is hulu error p-edu129. HULU is one of the best streaming services and it is very popular as many users use this application. But sometimes it does happen that these platforms also show up errors like hulu error code p-edu129, etc.  

If in any case, you happen to face any problem like HULU ERROR CODE P-EDU129 then you should know that the problem is with your subscription of the user. 


This problem occurs whenever the HULU is not able to identify or recognise the subscription of the user. You may also face this error if you upgrade to a next level plan. Even if the details of your billing are outdated then also you might face this problem.

But do not worry as there are many solutions for this problem of yours. 


Here we are to the most awaited piece of the article – “solutions”. Dig in people, to grab the best possible fixes:


The steps to update the information of the payment are as follows:

  1. Follow the way to the website of and further log into the service of streaming by entering your credentials like the password and user id or name. 
  2. navigate your way to the extreme top of the page and go towards your account. 
  3. Hit your account and go to the right-hand side of the screen which would be there in front of you and move to the option of subscription. 
  4. Touch the option of updating payment information. 
  5. Choose the preferred method of payment. The method can be any way like credit card, debit card, etc. 
  6. You can type on the new information of the billing and submit your form. 

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Now all you have to do is make sure that the error hulu code p-edu129 is still there or not.

But if the error hulu code p-edu129, is still not fixed then you can try out one more method. 


When you face the error hulu code p-edu129 on your preferred device of IPHONE then you can try out the method in which you would have to change your preferred plan of billing from iTunes to HULU.

The following are the steps enlisted to do the same: 

  1. Launch the application of iTunes and then you have to sign in to your preferred account.
  2. You have to navigate your way from go to account to view my account. 
  3. Under the heading of payment information, you have to pick the option of managing payments. 
  4. You now have to apply all the changes needed to do what you want. 
  5. As soon as you complete the editing necessary you have to hit the option of DONE to save up the changes. 
  6. Afterward, you need to cancel the preferred subscription of HULU and subscribe to the thing again. 

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Note: You may do the “STEP 6” again if you encounter the error hulu code p-edu129 at the end of the whole cycle being completed, then you can do the following suggested method-

  • Navigate your way to the main website of HULU and then further you can log into the preferred account. 
  • Go to your page of account and then hit the option of CANCEL which would be there under your preferred account. 
  • Obey the instructions coming up on the open up screen:

Whenever you finish up the directions, HULU will send up the information to check the same and ensure about it. 

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To sum it up, all the solutions provided here come from the expert team. You can trust each and every step with full faith. You will sureshot get the results. We as a company hope that we have provided the solution for your problem you are facing. Happy streaming. And this time, stream without error hulu code p-edu129

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