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resubscribe to hulu not working

In case you are trying to subscribe or resubscribe to Hulu but it is not allowing you to do so by saying try again later, then it means you are facing the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”. Let’s first see what the problem looks like. 

How To Handle When resubscribe to hulu not working

Problem: If you are trying to subscribe to the Hulu account from different sorts of applications or browsers, and it keeps on telling you to try again later, then you are going through the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”. Sometimes Hulu will not even be loaded on your PC or mobile and it will show the error 503. It will not also work on google chrome. Sometimes, people complain that they are only able to load Hulu through the Mozilla Firefox browser, but still when they try to subscribe, a message or try again later appears on their screen. 

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Here are some solutions to resolve the “Resubscribe to Hulu not working problem” bug. To fix the problem of Resubscribe to Hulu not working, you can follow the steps of the solution given below:

  1. Create a new Hulu account 

There is a possibility that your main account of Hulu is not even eligible for a particular scheme that is running at that time because sometimes, the scheme comes for the new subscribers of Hulu or for the subscribers who have not been using Hulu for more than three months. So, in this case, what you can do is, you can create a new email id or use any other existing email id, and using that I’d, you have to create a new Hulu account on your device. So in this way, you will become a new subscriber and you will be eligible for all the schemes most probably you will not face the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”. Please make sure that you have already canceled the subscription from your main Hulu account. If Hulu. Application is offering you any other deal for the next year, then you can cancel the subscription from your dummy account, and then you can log in back again from your main account as it will be eligible because it has not been active for a year. So you can solve the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working” with the help of these steps. 

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If you are still dealing with the problem of Resubscribe to Hulu not working, Then you can try to resolve this issue by Choosing any of the methods given below:

  1. You may be entering the wrong username or password. 

It is very common to enter the wrong username or password while you log in to your account. These days, we have too many accounts and too many passwords, so it is pretty easy to confuse them with passwords or put the password of your other account into another account. So, if you have also forgotten your password or if you are not sure whether the password you are entering is correct or not, then you can always reset it (under the forgot password section). And after creating a new passcode, log in again to your account and then subscribe and you won’t face the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”, 

  1. The Hulu subscription that you own is a part of the Bundle subscription. 

Hulu is owned by the very well-known company Walt Disney; the company has an offer in which they sell the bundle subscription of ESPN+ and Disney+ along with the Hulu subscription at a price worth $12.99. At the time of buying the subscription, if you have bought the subscription under this offer, then you will have to provide the username and the password entered at the time of buying the bundle subscription. There is a strong possibility that you may have been entering the username and password of your Hulu account. But you have to enter the bundle subscription login details and afterward, you won’t face the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”, 

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Final words

In this article we discussed the problem of “Resubscribe to Hulu not working”, and the solutions of Resubscribe to Hulu not working, if you need any other help then you can take the assistance from the Hulu team

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