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Fix hulu refund

Hulu started its subscription in the year 2010. Currently, there are approximately 32.1 million people who have paid and subscribed to Hulu and enjoy online streaming. 

Have you forgotten that you have bought a Hulu subscription and you are paying the subscription bill without watching any show on Hulu, this means you are wasting your time and you should raise a Hulu refund request to get back your money if you have overpaid? 

Different options for Hulu refund requests

Wondering How can I raise the Hulu refund request? In this article, we will provide you with the different options for Hulu refund requests and the information about Hulu’s refund policy. 

Hulu refund request through DoNotPay

You can get your Hulu refund through DoNotPay in a very easy way if you got to know that you have paid extra for the monthly subscription fees of Hulu and you want to get back a Hulu refund. 

Here are the steps to get the Hulu refund:

  • Go to your web browser and open DoNotPay. 
  • There should be a tab named Chargeback instantly, snap on this tab and then select get protected. 
  • Now in the blank sections, fill out the details such as your name, your bank information and the merchant’s info, and the method by which you have done the payment. 
  • You can choose whether you want to send a dispute letter through DoNotPay Or not, and then snap on submit. 

Once you are done with all these steps, you do not need to do anything after that as DoNotPay will itself send the Hulu refund request to the bank account from which you paid for your subscription, and along with that, you will also be sent the MasterCard and the Visa codes so that you can know about the progress of your Hulu refund request.

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Hulu refund request on your own:

If you do not want to involve any third party while you are making your Hulu refund request, then do not worry you can do it on your own as well, you can raise a Hulu refund request in any of the below-given ways:

  1. By visiting the Hulu’s website:
  2. By calling the customer care service
  3. By raising an online Hulu refund request

Make sure that before you raise a Hulu refund request, you have a proper proof that you have overpaid for the Hulu subscription, you can show your previous bills or the transaction history or proof that you were not able to cancel the free trial of Hulu and that you do not want the subscription to start so that the will not cancel your Hulu refund request.

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The steps for raising the Hulu refund request are given below. 

  1. By visiting the Hulu’s website:
  • First you need to go to the Hulu website. 
  • After that, login into your Hulu account. 
  • At the end of your screen, you can see the help centre, go there. 
  • Snap on the select button. 
  • Give the reasons for raising the Hulu refund request and then provide the asked details. 

After you have done all these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from Hulu’s side about the Hulu refund request that you have raised. As Hulu works based on subscription, you can ask the Hulu team to get you a Hulu refund if you have overpaid or you have been overcharged for a service. 

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  1. By calling the customer care service

You can also raise a Hulu refund request by calling the customer care service of Hulu. If you have to wait for a very long time to contact the customer care service, then you can use any third party as well such as DoNotPay and they will make your contact with the team in a very short period. 

  1. By raising an online Hulu refund request

The ways through which you can raise a Hulu refund request have been already stated above in this article. You can give a read to that. 

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Hulu refund Policy

The Hulu refund policy states that they will only give the Hulu refund when you have overpaid for a service or if they have taken any unwarranted charges from you. 

Final words

In this article, we discussed the Hulu refund policy and how to raise the Hulu refund requests. If you need any other help, then you can contact the Hulu team. 

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