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Why Does My Kindle Keep Restarting

It is very often reported from the kindle users that their kindle keeps restarting but you must be in the search for the answers to “why does my kindle keep restarting” so we have given the solutions below. 

If your Kindle is responding very slow or if it’s freezing, then your files may be corrupted and if it is so, then only restarting your device will not be able to solve the problem and you will be forced to uninstall or remove some of the items from your device. But do not worry as all your purchased books can be downloaded again without any charges and all your data saved with the cloud will not be gone. 

Top hacks for Kindle keeps restarting 

If you are facing the issue of the “kindle keyboard restarting” then you are at the right place. There is a very easy way to fix amazon kindle that keeps restarting which is to press and hold the power button given at the bottom. Wait till the screen becomes blank or there can be a dialogue box that will appear on your screen, once any of these comes, release the button and press and hold it again for around forty seconds. After this, the indicator light will start building and a reboot will be done and this could solve the issue of amazon kindle keeps restarting.  

As long as there is any software issue in your device, you will keep facing the “amazon kindle keeps restarting” problem even when you are doing some important work. 

Removing the items from your Kindle

  • The only challenging part that you will face is going to be removing the items from your Kindle device. But if you are a regular user of Kindle or you have been using it for a long time, then you will find it much easier and more familiar to remove the items which are causing trouble in your Kindle device. 
  • Go to your home screen and then select the item that you need to get replaced. Tap on that particular item and hold it for a while and there should be a lot of options appearing on your screen. 
  • You have to select the option to remove this item. There also could be the option of deleting the item in spite of the remove option. 
  • By following this process, you will be able to delete the item and then you will not face the problem of kindle restarting. 
  • Once you are done with these steps, you will have to restart your Kindle device which you can do by pressing and holding the power button for around forty-five seconds, or in the case of second-generation Kindle devices, only ten to fifteen seconds will be enough to restart your device. 

Hit the restart button

If the problem of kindle keeps restarting still persists in your device, then you can go to the next method given below. You can also solve your problem of why does my kindle keep restarting by clicking on the restart button which you can find on the drop-down- menu. After the restart, your home screen will be displayed. 

Factory reset

Also amazon kindle keeps restarting if there is any software-related issue in your device as it can either be corrupted or it can also be outdated. So in this case, to avoid the Kindle restarting you may need to perform a hard start on your device or you can also do a factory reset on your device. Any of these two will definitely work for the issue of kindle keeps restarting, then you can perform a hard rest in your device by just pressing and holding the power button for a minute approximately and once you see a blank screen, your device will get restarted and you will not face the problem of kindle keeps restarting anymore. 


In this article, we discussed the root causes and the solutions for the problem faced by many Kindle users that is why does my kindle keep restarting and we have given some possible and easy solutions for the kindle keyboard keeps restarting if you need any other assistance for the matter of kindle keyboard keeps restarting then you can contact the team as well.

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