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Why Is kindle orange light

Kindle is used among a lot of people these days, and many of them have the query regarding the kindle orange light, the kindle orange light appears when we usually plug in our kindle device for charging until we see a kind of anomaly in whose manner the kindle orange light appears. 

So, in this article, we are going to give you all of the information about the kindle orange light. 

Kindle orange light meaning

The kindle orange light serves the purpose of indicating to us about the battery being charged. When the Kindle orange light is solid, it means that your Kindle is charging properly, the process of charging can take up to three hours and it relies upon the battery percentage at which you have put it on charge. 

Once the battery of your device is full, the kindle orange light will turn into green light. A battery icon that must be situated at the top right panel of your device screen should show a bolt or lightning symbol which will tell us that our device is charging. 

Kindle orange light turns off even when the device is not fully charged

If your kindle orange light turns off even at a point when your device is not yet fully charged then it means there is some sort of fault with your e-reading device. 

But you do not need to worry, as below here we have given some ways to fix the problem of the kindle orange light turning off when then the device is not fully charged. 

1. USB Cable is not connected

If the USB Cable with the socket of your device is loose or not fitted properly, then your device won’t charge and the kindle orange light will turn off. 

If you will insert the power plug once again, then hopefully the kindle orange light turning off issue will be resolved. If you are facing the kindle orange light turning off issue again and again, then it is advised to replace your cable with a new one. 

2. You may have a faulty USB Cable

The USB Cable is very bendable and very flexible so it does not really break very easily when it does, it is very hard to identify a cable. In this case, the easiest and quick solution is to change your cable and put in a new one which is from a known company that should work well. And if that cable works properly, then it means that earlier you were having a faulty USB Cable. 

If you are in doubt that your cable is faulted, and you do not want to spend money on a new cable then to check if it is properly working, you can connect your Kindle device to your laptop or computer, and if the computer is able to detect your kindle device, and you are able to see the orange kindle light, then it’s not the fault of your USB Cable. 

3. Your kindle has crashed and you need to do a reboot. 

In case your kindle crashes, then you will surely need to perform a reboot in your kindle device. And to do so, you can press and hold down the power button for half a minute, and doing this will reboot the operating system of your kindle device. The usual time taken in a reboot process is around two minutes, and after that, you will be able to see the logo of kindle at the time of reset. If you are able to see the logo, it means the process was a success and then you will return to the home screen itself. 

4. Replace your faulty battery

Though it is very rare to have a fault in the battery, it does happen sometimes the battery is no longer able to perceive charge, and hence it causes the orange light kindle issue. And if the fault is in your battery, then it will be best to contact the Amazon team as they can be requested to either repair or replace your battery

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the kindle orange light meaning and the solution to problems related to the orange light kindle. If you need any other assistance, you can also contact the Amazon Kindle team.

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